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Volvo V70 P2 Buying Advice

Read on if you would like Volvo V70 P2 Buying Advice
2008 Volvo V70 in Avesta, Sweden.
Photo credit: Calle Eklund/V-wolf / CC BY-SA (


I’m writing to ask for Volvo V70 P2 buying advice,

I now want to purchase a P2 [2001-2008] Volvo V70 automobile. I don’t mind which fuel/model but I want to be able to maintain it myself, as I do with my other cars.

Which are the best models, what specs should I avoid (known problems), and what should I be on the lookout for when buying privately?

Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you!


My opinion on the P2s is that, with each year, they have gotten better and better, so my suggestion is to buy the latest year Volvo you can afford.

In the U.S., the debut year for the P2s was 2001. Generally, avoid the first-year P2s…they had a few bugs, especially when it came to the transmission; and they had the older-style electronic throttle module (ETM) that has had to be replaced (although under warranty).

Avoid the early-model AWD systems unless you really, really have to have AWD and that’s all you can afford.

I hope you find this Volvo V70 P2 buying advice useful.

V70 P2 Buying Advice Request

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