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1992-2000 Volvo Family — Reflecting on the 850/S70/V70/XC70

I finally realized today that despite my constant worrying about the Volvo, the fact that things rattle and shake and get stuck and go out of whack and there always seems to be some part that cost as much as a used Honda Civic to repair going bad on it, and it seems to be such a hodgepodge of parts, part Italian part Japanese part Swedish, and God only knows how it all works together, and the fact that the aluminum engine is constantly subject to a bad tensioner bearing or something destroying the whole thing, and that it is in general every bit as finicky as a high end BMW and not nearly as pretty… that I love it and all that stuff has somehow become a source of pride. I feel like I must protect it from those who would not keep it running. My baby ain’t going to no junk yard.

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Volvo V40 or V70 ?

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