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2001-2007 AW55-50SN Valve Body Re-assembly

MVS Forums Contributor Mike (precopster) shares a video he made of his valve body re-assembly, and also shares his considerable DIY skills regarding the (2001-2007 in North America, 2000-2008 in Australia) Volvo AW55-50SN transmissions.

AW55-50SN Valve Body Re-assembly

If you have undiagnosed banging noises on downshifts, and RPM flares, you would likely benefit from the information in this topic, even if you end up having the work done.

There are 3 different solenoids (SLS, SLT & SLU) and 2 different kits. 2003 and on for valve bodies marked “B” and “C” have their own kit.

The other solenoids S1 through S5 are not targeted. They just need to be tested.

The Sonnax part numbers you listed are for single solenoids not kits. Kits are sold on eBay.

Then the other solenoids for valve bodies with no markings or marked “A”

Both 2002 cars I refurbished were marked “A” as well as my uncompleted 2001.

Be careful with solenoid sellers. Some eBay sellers such as Ctpowertrain mention the letter designations and some don’t.

Also replacing just the solenoids is a shortcut which should fix 90% of the issues. In my video I show 2 small piston valves which I had already replaced. These solve some minor issues.

Also replacing all the valve body gaskets will solve minor cross leakage between oil galleys. Before embarking on this journey read all the literature I’ve provided including the Transgo install instructions.

2000-2008 AW55-50SN Valvebody re-assembly

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