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2001-2007 AW55-50SN Valve Body Re-assembly

MVS Forums Contributor Mike (precopster) shares a video he made of his valve body re-assembly, and much more about 2001-2007 (in North America, 2000-2008 in Australia) Volvo AW55-50SN transmissions.

If you have undiagnosed banging noises on downshifts, and RPM flares, you would likely benefit from the information in this topic, even if you end up having the work done.

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2011 V50 Geartronic is “Lazy”

I bought my 2011 V50 T5 a year ago with 40k on it. Ever since I’ve owned it the Geartronic mode of my automatic transmission has not been snappy with its upshifts. Down shifts are fine. Whenever I tap the shift lever back for a downshift, the transmission immediately complies. But upshifting is another matter. Every now and then when I tap the shift lever forward in geartronic mode the transmission will go ahead and upshift, but more often than not it will not respond at all and I’ll have to tap it forward repeated times to get it to finally shift to a higher gear (2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, etc.). Meanwhile the engine is winding out and I’ll have to decelerate and coast while trying to get a shift to happen, or shift back into automatic mode and forget about shifting manually altogether.
I had a software update done on the car in the fall and that seemed to help for a time, but now its back to how it was. I hardly use geartronic mode because it’s so lazily compliant as to be no fun.

2002 Volvo AW55-50SN Transmission Disengages While Driving

The disengagement feels like something is not locking up, like the converter. The disengagement happens more in the city when I am starting and stopping, but it still happens on the freeway. For example on the freeway at 70 mph, the car all of a sudden goes into limp mode or the trans disengages. At this moment, the car starts coasting and I step on the gas, but obviously no response – the rpms goes up slightly to sometimes to 2 or 3000 rpms, and then the car kicks back into gear. This disengagement period happens for a minute or it can go on for 5, or 10 miles.