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2004 V70 2.5T with 104K miles – Engine Sludge

cn90 » 

The car is 2004 V70 2.5T with 104K miles. All maintenance up-to-date (Timing Belt at 95K, PCV etc.). Car was serviced exclusively at Volvo dealer. I am the 3rd owner.

engine sludge under filler cap on grate

– Car has slight lifter noise (more than my 2005 XC90 2.5T with 115K, which has exactly the same engine), but overall runs fine, good acceleration on highway, good gas mileage. Car drives great.

– Opened the Oil Filler Cap and saw some sludge. I am from BMW and Volvo forums and am familiar with this issue of engine sludge, but need some updated responses from the “sludge gurus”…..

  1. Some people say this black stuff seen on the grates inside the oil filler cap is “normal”, is this true?
  2. I have used Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush in my 2006 BMW X5 on a preventive basis (no issue but I did it for the heck of it).
    This is the product I am talking about:

    – Anyone with sludge and has any success with this?
  3. Some people say forget about Liqui Moly flush and simply use synthetic oil and change frequently, such as every 1K-2K, as the detergent inside the synthetic oil will clean the sludge. Is this true?
  4. Any other advices from the “sludge gurus”?


 jimmy57 » 

The fire suppression oil filler grates magnify the sludge. They are never as bad as it looks on the grate. BUT that sludge in the picture probably means that engine has some moderate deposits. I’d put it on a diet of 2500 mile oil changes with synthetic oil. Don’t spend big on the oil, WalMart synthetic would be fine. The last day before the change give it some sea foam at a low dose in oil to do a mild flush.

I have done away with the grates on a couple of mine. On one I tapped it with punch and hammer at the two locations where the tabs attach it It came out and left holes that I used short machine screws, nuts, loctite and two small washers with RTV sealer to close up. No leaks and I can see inside. I came across a broken head and it was a wreck injured engine old enough to not have the grate. I slide hammered the filler out and drove the new one in with a thin film of RTV on the filler to assure it sealed (it did). Of course that spoils my plans of driving those to with the oil filler cap off.

Engine Sludge and Volvo Engines

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