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2012 S60 Blown Engine

2011 and 2012 Volvo S60 T5 Recalled

Before this 2011-2012 S60 T5 recall, several MVS Forums members experienced, uh, some poor customer service from Volvo North America over their broken $31,300 S60 Volvos.

I posted this on the MVS Facebook page, and the thread 2012 S60 Blown Engine continues to grow in the MVS forums… but this isn’t sitting well with me. Forums member Brian — username bkw1962 — got word back from Volvo Corporation North America that they’ve denied his claim on his 2012 Volvo S60. The engine is blown after cylinder #3 lost all compression (for the sake of discussion, it’s done). It’s been measured at 15psi.

The car has 118k miles. This isn’t right. It’s out of warranty, and this is a “goodwill claim”, but it isn’t right.

My advice to him is to keep up public pressure on VCNA. EDIT: It worked. See below.

Quotes from the MVS S60 Forum Thread

I was just informed that my 2012 S60 T5 with 118k on it is junk due to cyl 3 having 15psi compression. The only option I was given was to get a rebuilt engine for roughly $8k (P+L). Please tell me there is something else I can do other than that (or run the vehicle on 4 cylinders for its remaining life. I have had ZERO issues with this car until it started misfiring intermittently last month and then consistently 2 days ago when I took it in to Volvo to get it resolved. Any and all help will be appreciated.


This is a known issue on these cars. Volvo has issued TJ29871-2015-02-05. It has to do with oil burning in the S60 T5. If in Warranty they just fix, but the problem usually happens out of warranty. Goodwill is on a case by case basis. The TJ calls for replacing the piston rings and switching to full synthetic. If that doesn’t work, they are replacing the engines. You can find more instances of this by just Googling. There appears to be something defective with the piston rings on this year/make/model. Could be why you are losing compression. Others are having clogged PCV’s from blow by while others are just burning oil. If the PCV/breather gets clogged then it burns oil very quickly.


At 68k I found my car went through oil at a rate of over 4 quarts between fill ups. A quart a day and I didn’t notice any smoke or oil leaks or burning. Strange. In 2 days I was 2 quarts low. I fill up every 5 days or so.


The service manager at your dealership is horrible. I know exactly who it is. You would have been better off going to Brown Daub Volvo in Nazareth but I still think VCNA would have denied Goodwill. Take it to the CEO. The AMM for Volvo is denying all kinds of Goodwill with this specific car and these issues.

People in The San Francisco Bay Area and Pittsburgh and Virginia appear to be getting their’s Goodwilled.

74k miles and I am being told also that my engine is shot also. A 2012 Volvo S60 T5, worthless. Guess why Goodwill was denied? I got two answers. 1. Because it wasn’t always serviced by Volvo, even though My wife stopped taking it there at 50k when she said they tried to rip her off. 2. Because the engine was oil starved. Well duh, but they can’t tell me why it was starved for oil.


 I feel your pain, I have the same car with the same problem, 2012 S60 t5 no compression cylinder #4 I will be putting in a junkyard motor, My car was a lease from a so I don’t know what they did for regualer maintanence. They did do however the T Belt at 112K misfire 4 and 5 and a random, no compression in 4


Finally, The Resolution: Volvo Paid for a New Engine

It took a while but I am happy to report that Volvo ended up swapping out my engine. The dealer did a fantastic job and everything is perfect. It’s just like new!


2012 S60 Blown Engine

2012 S60 Blown Engine
2012 S60


david petty says:

Hi I feel the pain of these car owners, I had the same problem with my 2012 S-60, Around 102,000 I start noticing the oil pan light would blink when making a left or right turn but nothing telling me that our car was running low on oil. I think if I was driving the car instead of my wife who knew of the car I might could have save it. I agree with all you , I feel VOLVO is at fault and should have reach out to them but say we give you 1,000.00 toward a new car. Really at first I thought my car was sabotage by the dealership when took my car their to have the Recalled of the Door Latch which car had then 101,928 only a week or to later I start to see to the oil light flashing, Volvo will come up with any excuse to to give us remedy to fixing our cars. I took my car to two Volvo dealership for regular maint. See I bought my car which was CPO, (which mean certified pre-own) my warranty ran out at 100.000 or 7 years, . I have tried to get lawyers to help me get remedy but not any want to take my case because they want to do little work as possible to pocket much money as they can because I think we Volvo owner do have class action law-suit it to many of us having same exact problem. I contacted NHSTSA, all they tell you is Volvo did not put your car in the Safety Recalled, but I feel if this many peoples with same problem why recommend that Volvo include all these car but their answer these cars is now 8 year old., they had recalled only on 30,000 cars but maybe should 50,000 or more. So i must tell you i been a Volvo owner since the mid- 80`s but this is my last Volvo i will ever buy and we quit buying their cars , I bet they start building better cars and if class-action lawsuit like the one that Volk. had to pay out I bet they will start building better cars and stop RIPPING US OFF IN USA.

david petty says:

The lady from VOLVO USA said that they denied my request for goodwill assistance and if I like get me a lawyer. But as your previous owner of a Volvo car said they want to make the problem where you have taken your car too, when the problem is you`re selling cars in America that you know they have this problem and they will not fix this problem. We have no one to help us. IT SHAME FOR A COMPANY THIS BIG WILL NOT DO WHAT RIGHT FOR THESE CAR OWNERS. I keep contacting the NSTHA but they don`t do anything but just want your information on your car just like Volvo do so your car would never be worth anything even you bought another engine it in their records that your car has a blown engine who going to buy it. I am through with this company and hope one day they get a class -action against them so big that they make better cars to sell.

cmattingly says:

I have a 2009 Volvo S60 with 70,000 miles………………with a blown motor. I bought the vehicle new and have taken excellent care of it. It lost power while driving with no warning whatsoever, no messages in the message center. Does anyone have any advice on where I should go from here. I want the motor replaced at no charge.

Others are having similar issues. There are apparently piston ring problems.

There is a TJ 29871 from Volvo on this issue.

It’s for engine code 62, chassis range (last 6 of the VIN) between 0017819-0170117 and a structure week between 201046-201219

The TJ calls for replacing piston rings and switching to full synth oil or just replacing the engine.

Many issues have cropped up due to the potentially defective rings. Could be just oil burning or starvation. Could be clogged PCV/Breather. Could be misfiring of cylinders and/or bad compression. Some people have engines that are completely shot.

My VIN happens to be affected by the TJ and I have also been denied Goodwill Assistance probably by the same Volvo managers. We both also originally had our cars at the same dealer in Allentown, PA and we both agree they did a really lousy job of diagnosing this issue and instantly wanted us to buy a new engine. One thing I can say is they could have cared less. When I voiced how upset I was a sales person asked me to calm down as he was trying to sell a new Volvo and even threatened to have me thrown off the property and charged with trespassing.

We bought our Volvo at the same dealership because they offered a lifetime engine guarantee. We followed all Volvo maintenance and now the dealer says it doesn’t apply because it requires a very expensive engine flush on a frequent basis which we were unaware of. We were just told to follow the recommended maintenance which we did. I even shook the owner of the dealerships hand. On top of that, we had it maintained by them but at 50k they did a much more expensive service than we authorized and my wife no longer trusted them so we stopped taking the car there.

So why is Volvo providing Goodwill for some customers and not for others with this car? When I was denied the local dealer told me a new engine was too much money for Volvo and they would give me money towards a brand new Volvo to keep me as a happy customer. NO THANK YOU! I just want my car fixed. I want Volvo to stand behind their product. Then I heard it’s because I stopped taking the car to Volvo for service. Others getting Goodwill took it to Volvo the whole time. Sometimes it just depends on which area manager you happen to be dealing with.

So that’t the issue. Volvo KNOWS there is a defect in these engines. Or otherwise, there would not be a TJ on this. Most 2012 S60 T5’s don’t have the mileage where most people see this problem, most who happen to be out of warranty (but not all). The issue usually happens around 60-70k but could be more or less. Also, there was a software update for the oil pressure sensor but even that still doesn’t seem to work. Some are finding their cars more than 4 quarts low on oil.

Here is a link talking about the oil pressure recall update that doesn’t appear to even work.

Here are some threads just to indicate how widespread this is and how much worse it could get.!

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