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Which Volvo Turbocharger is Better? 13G, 13T, 15G

13G, 13T, 15G, 16T, 18T, 19T

Most Volvo owners agree they want a bit more power out of their reliable old Swede. Having a turbocharger fitted from the factory means you have flexibility in how you increase your engine’s power over stock settings. Or, you may have a turbo that is struggling to deliver your engine’s rated output. Either way, there are a lot of options to consider to inject new life into your car with a Volvo turbocharger rebuild or replacement.

As some of these Volvos are now approaching 20 years old, the seals in these turbochargers tend to become brittle and can’t do their job well anymore. P80 Volvos use a PCV system that recycles crankcase oil vapor into your turbo’s inlet, and circulates it through the intake tract to be reburned. It’s normal discover oil in your intake piping, and not typically a cause for concern. It’s possible for this oily mist to escape the turbocharger if the compressor housing is not sealed well, causing exterior buildup on the turbo.

Confused about your Volvo turbocharger? If 13G, 13T, 15G, 16T, 18T, and 19T make you think of womens’ dress sizes, this post will help you understand what fits on your Volvo and why.

MVS Forums Contributor tryingbe lays it out cleanly and clearly:

“TD04-HL turbos (13G, 13T, 15G, 16T, 18T, 19T, etc) have all the same turbine wheel.

All four type of Volvo turbocharger turbine housings (conical/flat/small port angle/large port angle) are interchangeable between all TD04-HL turbos.

Center section are all the same, early ones have coolant ports on both side, later ones have coolant ports on the same side ports for coolant. Holes are all there, they just need to be tapped if you want to use different coolant port.

Yes, rspi is right, you can swap between turbo physically and most people with their stock cars will probably never notice.

To OP, you can use TD04-HL 13G, 13T, or even a commonly found 15G from a 850. Just keep using your turbine housing. Running at stock boost, I highly doubt you’ll notice any difference.

Now, to show I know what I’m talking about…

Conical, flat, small port angle, large port angle.”

13G, 13T, 15G Turbochargers

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