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2013 S60 T5 AWD Engine Swap – DIY Basics

I blew an engine at 83K (timing belt slipped due to accessory belt shredding). I’m planning an engine swap. Can anybody please direct me to a how to? Is there anything else that I should replace at the same time? Donor engine is 2016 with 80K (50k miles). Any seals or anything that I must replace? I’m planning to pull tranny and engine at the same time and then separate on the bench.

MVS member cdretc

MVS Contributor and Volvo wizard Jimmy outlines the basics on removing an engine on cdretc’s 2013 S60, a P3 Volvo:

Differences between P2 Volvos and P3 Volvos

  • Disconnect strut tops, steering coupler at rack.
  • Put a rope on a steering wheel spoke and to brake pedal so the steering wheel can’t move out of that rotation. If the steering wheel goes one revolution either way it will not be synchronized for stability control and the contact reel could break.
  • Disconnect hoses. Unbolt the a/c compressor and tie it aside and nothing will have to be done to recharge it.
  • Pull cv axles to wheels.
  • Disconnect the trans selector cable for transmission. 
  • The wiring harness to ECM on air cleaner box can be unplugged by depressing latch and swinging handle over. If you follow the wiring harness closely you can see which side goes to engine and which one stays with car. I think the 58 pin one is the top and that stays with the car.
  • The fuel hose can be disconnected with a cuff tool behind engine.
  • The hard plastic line to canister purge valve can be disconnected from purge valve and tied aside.
  • Starter cable, ground cable, and braided ground cable to firewall area.
  • Disconnect transmission control module connector by the shifter cable area (trans module is under the shift cable).
  • Push in on the red sleeve on the hard plastic brake booster vac line where it sticks into intake manifold. When you push in on that line and push the sleeve inward then the plastic line can be pulled out.
  • The subframe bolts are at the 4 corners of subframe.

The trans and engine will not come out the top unless you remove intake, exhaust manifold with turbo, alternator-a/c bracket, and maybe even the oil filter/breather box assembly. Then the trans will have to be unbolted from the mount and pulled to the left and tied there in order to give enough room for the flex plate(flywheel) to come out of the trans bell housing far enough to come out so engine could be lifted up.


Have you ever performed an Engine Swap ?

How to Pull an Engine – Volvo P3 T5

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