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Volvo Glovebox Fix #2, for real

volvo glovebox

The Volvo Glovebox is a hot topic in the MVS forums, what can you contribute to this topic?

This isn’t the first time the subject of the Volvo Glovebox has come up in the MVS forums. For some time now our members have been discussing what they feel is the best way to address issues concerning this interior compartment.

There is a high failure rate on the plastic latch inside the volvo glovebox lock on the 240. Failure often means your box is locked shut and must be pried open. Then you’re faced with a glove box that will not latch closed so your valuables are exposed for everyone to see. This is not an ideal situation, be smart and learn the right way to address this issue.

MVS Forum Member Mister-93 writes:

I found awesome great advice on this site. I have one hope it helps someone, let me know.
My glovebox latch broke on my 93 850GLT. The door handle would not unlock the box. I did the hacksaw trick. I used two large thin metal putty knives on either side of the hacksaw to protect the vinyl. Put the saw blade between them and cut thru both sides of the U shaped latch. After cutting thru both sides of the U shaped lock the door was open! The dealer in Ohio wanted to sell me a complete volvo glovebox door, (over 100 bucks)! I had the parts guy pull up the schematics to see how to install it. I noticed the locking mechanism had its own part number. So i purchased a lock/latch mechanism kit and it had the U shaped bar in it that I had to cut in two to get in the box. Cost me about 17 bucks. Take the door off of the dash. Remove the door liner screws and door liner to expose then locking mechanism. >> Pay close attention to how all the gears and levers come out

MVS Forum Member dugitman adds:

I got in and then just used velcro to hold it shut. I didnt care about locking so much. If u use velcro method, scrape felt down to plastic with a razor blade. Velcro seems to hold tighter than the Volvo mechanism and i hate goofing around with itty bitty parts. Getting one of these ($5.00 made by stanley) speeds things up.

MVS Forum Member lightangel says:

I did the same thing to my volvo glovebox.
the latch is broken at the position where the shear stress is very heavy.
Unfortunately, I can see a pore there, which is a casting defect.
the latch itself is around 40 dollars, so I just bought a used volvo glovebox from Ebay, where I got everything including the pocket…..

Glovebox Fix #2, for real

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