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850-70 Moonroof


All about the 850 and 70 moonroof.

The Volvo moonroof controls are located in the ceiling console near the rearview mirror. The moonroof’s sun visor opens automatically but has to be closed manually. There is a wind blocker in the moonroof’s front edge.

  • During manual closing, if the moonroof is obstructed, immediately open it again.
  • Never open or close the moonroof if it is obstructed in any way.
  • Never allow a child to operate the moonroof.
  • Never leave a child alone in a vehicle.
  • When leaving the vehicle, ensure that the ignition is in mode 0 (see Ignition modes for information about the various ignition modes) to disable the moonroof.
  • Never leave the remote key in the vehicle.
  • Never extend any object or body part though the open moonroof, even if the vehicle’s ignition is completely switched off.

MVS Forum Member Lynn asks:

My 1998 S70’s moonroof doesn’t close tightly unless I step out and give it a punch. I’ve cleaned the track area but there really wasn’t anything there. Any ideas? Can/should the rubber be lubricated in any way? It looks like it has some mold or pollen or something (green) on it. This is western Washington. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

MVS Forum member mom says:

I have the same problem on mine. I tried silicon lubricant but it didn’t work. It looks like the rubber is too tight. I should say that I changed it(weather strip) because the frame began to rust.

MVS Forum Moderater matthew1 replied:

I too was mucking with my moonroof lately. I tried to fix the two ends of the trim buckling, but when I got into it I saw the rust behind the trim strip goes all the way around the glass! Ugh.

I ended up removing about half the trim, drying the rust, removing what rust I could, then gluing back the trim with a sealant called “Liquid Nails.” The result was less than spectacular, primarily because the sealant is very thick.

All About 850/70 Moonroofs

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