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850 Power Antenna Removal & Repair

Let’s talk Antenna Removal & Repair


Fish stick88 » Since last winter I’ve been going without a power antenna, which often gave me little or no reception.
I finally decided to tackle it :D
I’ve created a photo collage as best as I could, I check back often so if you have any questions feel free to ask.
I couldn’t hear the motor even trying to run, but i figured i would give it a shot.

Step-by-Step how to Replace Antenna

robotarmy » Thanks for this write-up! I had the whole thing removed from the trunk before I found this post. It helped a lot.

You asked for suggestions, so here goes. I hope these don’t sound too critical. Basically, when you do one of these, you are trying to communicate your thoughts to another. Spelling and punctuation go a long way. Try using a text program to create your text and check for spelling and grammar before pasting to Photoshop. (I just misspelled “grammar,” but fortunately, this post has a spellchecker). Also, use a bolder, brighter font when composing the frames.

It is awesome that you are even willing to take your time to do this post—a completely generous act—keep up the good work. Thousands of Volvo owners are in your debt!

tourspin69 »Just performed this after watching Roberts video. The only issue that I had was getting the new strip/belt to catch and feed in. It was very tough to do. In fact until I had my 14 year old son help, I was getting pretty frustrated. I had to feed it into the gears a bit and then put the cover on…then mount it. While holding it, my son powered the radio on and I had him immediately turn it off so it would pull the strip. After doing this (hitting the power button while I was trying to feed it) 4-5 times it finally grabbed and fed in. Done deal. Works great now.

Take out the plastic stops, turn them 1/4 turn either way. There are 3.

Power Antenna Removal and Repair

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locksley grant says:

1995 power antenna will not go down can it be repair or need new one.

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