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850 door panel removal (pics)

volvo 850 door

How-to remove you volvo 850 door.

Is your Volvo 850 door stuck? Whether you need to fix the door handle or completely remove the door, our forum members have a number of helpful tips and suggestions that can help you diagnose and fix your volvo 850 door issues. MVS forum member 850_olaf_nz has taken the time to thouroghly document the steps he has taken to address his Volvo 850 door issues.

MVS Forum Member 850_olaf_nz says:

Hi all.

I needed to replace a volvo 850 door check-strap recently, and couldn’t find an on-line guide to removing the interior 850 door panel, to provide access. This precipitated consulting that old-fashioned repository of knowledge, ‘the book’. I had to find it first! Anyway, I built some ‘how-to pictures’ for those of you who lack ‘the book’, and are wondering how to get that door panel off to provide access to window winders, speakers, wiring, check straps etc.

Tools required:
* small flat-blade screwdriver
* Torx drivers or sockets: T20, T25, T30
* #1 phillips screwdriver
* long-nose pliers

MVS Forum Member Wagonizer replied:

Thanks for the info. I wish I had it last weekend when I lubed my sticky 850 door mechanism on my ’94 850 wagon. I just wanted to add a couple other tips:

-For the rear doors the long screw that mounts the speaker and holds on the 850 door panel is the top left one.

-With the rears doors there was no need to remove the padded inserts as the top od the door panel is seated on brackets and lifts up and off once you’ve removed the fastening screws (at the bottom and on the speaker)

MVS Forum Member Qick-Brik added:

Thanks 850_olaf_nz,

I have had something rolling back and forth in the passenger 850 door for a while now and was just going to live with it as it only rolls when turning sharply.

That is until I found this “how to…with pic’s :-)” and I’m going to save to fave and find out what it is this weekend. It’s been raining all week and all I have is the back yard to play in. Not good working in mud.

I’ll post back with a pic of whatever it is rolling around in there.

Thanks again and GREAT JOB 8)


MVS Forum Member thomasp says:

Thanks! Great pics. Helped replace my 850 door checks on my 850 wagon .

850 Door Panel Removal Tutorial (pics)

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