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Project: Camshaft Pulley When Doing a Timing Belt

Camshaft Pulley timing beltBrucebo wrote:

“Success! Finally after getting the crankshaft pulley off. This latter was a major chore, but it needn’t have been. I initially spent all morning building a counterhold tool out of 1″ angle iron. I then immobilized/held the counterhold tool with a come along anchored to the car frame near the rear tire. I then yanked with all my strengh using an 18″ breaker bar, bracing my foot on the jackstand. No Effect. I then ran off to Home Depot and purchased a 2 foot section of 3/4″ galvanized pipe, jacked the car up higher for more head room, placed the pipe over the breaker bar and yanked with all my strength. I felt something give. It turned out the be the counter hold angle iron. It broke. I was beginning to worry that it might be a left handed thread, but further net research pointed to it being a standard right handed thread. I then ran off to A-1 Tool Shed and got some Old Milwaukee … 3/4″ impact wrench that is ($22 rental). I squeezed the trigger and before I even had time to really respond the 30mm nut was spinning free! When removing this nut it helps to have the timing belt currently installed in case the crankshaft rotates. This will roll the camshafts along with it, preventing any valve damage. If the crankshaft does move you can reinstall the nut (now much looser) to turn the crankshaft (clockwise) to align timing marks, and then remove the nut again.”

Brucebo has outlined what to do to take off the camshaft pulley when doing a timing belt change with a ’99 S70 NA where hard fuel lines are in the way of getting the timing belt out. Great write-up with great pictures! Thanks, Bruce.

Timing belt weekend: ’99 S70 non-turbo. Part 2.

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