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AC Clutch GAP fix- not the Ghetto fix

Let’s talk AC Clutch GAP fix

This is the an official clutch gap fix from a Volvo tech…sent in from someone on another site, but thanks! We’ll use it here.

“It seems fairly common on these cars for the A/C clutch plate to wear down to the point where the A/C compressor no longer is able to reliably turn itself on. When the problem starts to show itself, cooling will stop during warm weather after running for a while. At the start, turning the A/C off for a few minutes and then back on will make the symptoms go away. As the problem gets worse, the A/C may only work for the first 5 – 10 minutes of a trip and then it will quit working until the car has had time to cool down. Hot weather, stop and go driving, and quick acceleration all seem to make the problem worse.

The A/C clutch gap can be checked underneath the car using a set of feeler gauges. The figure below shows where to check. The original specification for the gap is ~0.3 -0.4 mm, depending on which message board you chose to believe. When the gap gets to around 0.8 mm, the clutch may not be able to re-engage after the compressor gets hot. The fix is to remove the clutch plate from the compressor, and remove enough of the shims in it to get the air gap back to ~0.4mm.”

Clutch GAP fix- not the Ghetto fix – Read In Full

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