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Volvo AC and Recirc Light Flashing

volvo ac light

Diagnose flash ac and recirc lights.

MVS Forum Member 780 bertone is having issues with his Volvo AC and recirc lights flashing. He’s called upon other forum members to help him diagnose and fix his problem. If you, like other forum members have had a similar experience, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the post below.

MVS Forum Member 780 bertone asks:

ac and recirc lite flashing only when car comes up to temperature everything stops working ,blower fan quits a/c quits no cold air nothing works,car cools down and a/c works again.any help is appreciated. read some of the other ac lite flashing on the forum says fan motor drawing to much current,but seems it only does it when car is up to temperature. thank you in advance.

MVS Forum Member billofdurham replied:

I am also confused. The instructions I am working from are for US models. When I saw the relevant paragraph for testing codes on the 780 turbo I assumed that it must be different to others. However, since you queried it, I have checked for other models and found the same instructions apply to the 740, 760 and 940 turbo.

When I had my 940 turbo I was able to access fuel and ignition codes from the box in the engine compartment. Has your car got this box? There is a picture of the box, with its location, on Page 1 of the link I gave you.

If the box is there then you will lose nothing by trying to run the diagnostics with it.

Please keep me updated as I would be able to amend the instructions I have.


MVS Forum Member 780 bertone added:

ok i replaced the blower motor as per code can run fan on 1 or 2 all day long no problem set to auto and still does same as before after car is running a while and flashes same 233 code. question is ,is there a relay or resistor in the blower circuit? if so could you tell me where it might be? thank you for your help.

MVS Forum Member billofdurham replied:

I thought that might be the case. The 9 series followed on from the 7 series and a lot of the components are the same.

Unfortunately, I have no information on testing that unit.

We have tried again to get a precise location for the relay but every reference we find for the 740, 760, 780 and 940, all of which have the same AC system, says it is located “under the right side of the dash behind the glove box”. That is definitely for US models.


AC and Recirc Light Flashing


swiftarrow says:

Hi! I have an ’88 Volvo 760 TiC with a similar problem: flashing lights, no blowing, and code 233.

I have replaced the blower motor with an aftermarket replacement, and tested the old motor, but to no avail; I still get the same code 233 (starting current of blower motor too high).

I have swapped out the ACC headunit (tried three different ones) with the same result, so it is definitely not the issue.

I bought this car in August last year, and the fan started acting up, and then stopped altogether the same day. Occasionally it works, but not often.

The only possible reason I can think of is the “blower motor resistor”, however for the ACC (Automatic Climate Control) on these fancy cars, there is none. I cannot find a spare part in any of the spare part catalogs I know of.

My understanding is that the ACC system has a transistor based variable speed control which could be fried; this lives in the air duct similar to a blower motor resistor. I have not yet pulled this part out to look at it (car is currently awaiting more important things like a brake master cylinder).

My next step is to dig into the wiring behind the dash, maybe there’s a damaged wire, or maybe the transistor system is fried.

Any ideas?

The air conditioner works but after 30 min of driving shuts down and blows just air. Also orange arrow comes on dashboard light.

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