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Beware the Car Wash

Car Wash talk

car wash

“What i really wonder is do these fuel pumps have a life? like 10 yrs or the life of vehicle? for example volvo says that for catalytic converters they should last the life of vehicle and they dont require replacement normally. Is this a accurate approach? or just the dealer talk? i would also like to say that sometimes i hear several beeps like the old pc speaker sound coming rear of the car i believe this might be the pump too? is that possible? maybe this sounds like a conspiracy theory but this was another question on my mind, because this has happened 5 times within a year, you can hear it clearly if you are driving late at night with no radio in a countryside road with no traffic.”

Beware the Car Wash

The problem appears to that some of the electrical components got wet in the last car wash and because of this the engine has been irregularly running and stalling.

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could that be what is wrong with my 1995 volvo? we got it sometime around sepyember or october, and the day we got it my dad took it to a car wah and washed it and opened the hoog and sprayed the motor. a few minutes later we smelt something burning, and my dad looked and said it was just the motor getting hot and drying the water or something like that! i’m only 16 and i know a lil about cars, and it didn’t smell like water…

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