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Attempting 850 Speaker Replacement

Need an 850 Speaker Replacement ?


MVS Forums member kcodyjr started a topic years ago that now contains a trove of excellent Volvo P80* speaker information:

I’m doing the upgrade to my 1996 wagon and my 1997 sedan.

I’m unsatisfied with any amount of cutting and hacking, so I’ve tracked down some (alleged) adaptor brackets:

Autoleads SAK-3211 – dash tweeters, 36-56mm

Autoleads SAK-3204 – front door full grille replacement 93+, 130mm

Autoleads SAK-3205 – front door adapter ring 92-93, 130mm

Autoleads SAK-3213 – rear door full grille replaement, 130mm

Scosche SAVO5 – rear deck adapter plate, 5.25″/6.5″ (??!! thats what it says)

No adapter located for the D-pillars yet, and I’m not hopeful.

I’ve ordered all the brackets to check them for myself, and a set of Pioneer TS-E1302i 130mm 2-way coaxials to test-fit in every location before I buy the whole batch. I expect them in a week or two; I’ll take pictures and post them here.

I am still deciding on the dash tweeters; the Pioneer TS-S250 is a favorite at the moment, if it’ll fit. No idea yet what I’m going to do with the D pillars, but I’m thinking to start with the factory mounting assembly.

My hope is to deliver here an upgrade plan that requires no cutting or hacking whatsoever, and everything pins in place with the correct number of screws. I also hope to find out whether there’s an option in preserving or replacing the factory grilles. Naturally, all of this has to be ordered from European distributors to get the Euro sizes.

So, Wanted To Buy: a pair of D-pillar speakers, preferably blown, but with intact mounting plates. I’ll find some on eBay if I must, but I’d rather recycle a pair that’s already shot, and not dip into the ever-dwindling supply of good ones.

* 850, S70, V70 up to model year 2000, XC70 up to model year 2000, C70 up to year 2002

Attempting 850 speaker replacement.


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