2012 XC70 Trim Level Comparisons

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This post offers readers an overview of the 2012 XC70 trim level options and two additional packages to add to the configuration of the car. Buyers can now splurge on their preferred level of luxury. Want to see this information straight from the source? Download the 2012 Volvo XC70 Sales Brochure. XC70 Premiere (3.2 only) […]

Replacing Exhaust on Volvo 140 Cars

Replacing Volvo 140 Exhaust -

MattinEugene » I have a 73 145 (B20F). When I got it the exhaust was pretty well shot, so I had a muffler shop put on a new exhaust. It sounds like a farm tractor. I believe originally they had two mufflers (and a resonator?). I’ve had a different muffler put on, and it still sounds terrible. […]

Volvo April Sales to Look Not So Bad

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Also, wagons are endangered. Volvo April sales show eight V90 wagons in the United States last month. “But coronavirus!” you scream… ok, understandable, but they sold only 40 a year ago, when it was still a fresh, news-making offering. The V60 didn’t fare much better, with 39 driving off dealers’ lots. Which was somehow better […]

Long Crank on a 1998 — Diagnosing FPR & Vacuum Lines

Fuel Pressure Regulator

shegarty writes  »  I’ve been chasing a hard start at temperatures below -15ºC on my 98 S70 for a couple of years now. I believe that I have narrowed it down to a fuel pressure issue as I have replaced most of the electrical components (cam & crank sensors, plugs and wires etc.). As I […]

2020 Moderator Donation Drive

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2020 Moderator Donation Drive was undertaken to assist volvo owners who make an effort to make this website a success. The MVS Moderator crew help other Volvo owners because they love to help, not because they get paid. They are volunteers. These guys are regular people with regular jobs, and trust me when I say […]

Volvo News For April 2020

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Here is all of the Volvo News For April 2019 MVS Moderator Donation Starts… NOW. This is the first one in a year. What not to do to your Volvo. Do not do these things. PDF collection is growing! I’m always accepting Volvo documents. See the latest on RobertDIY’s efforts to have P80 R front […]

Volvo Turns 93 Years Old Today

Volvo 93rd -

Locally and globally, people all over the world are celebrating their birthdays alone. While not technically a person, Volvo turns 93 today! Volvo’s ‘Birthday’ was exactly 93 years ago on this date. On the 14th of April 1927, Volvo’s first car, the ÖV 4 rolled off the production line. The Volvo ÖV 4 was also Sweden’s first mass-produced car […]

Replacement Parts are Hard to Find

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Replacement parts for certain volvos can be difficult to access. Replacement of entire sunroof system Member, atikovi was having trouble with the sunroof not working properly and decided to go to a junk yard and retrieve an entire unit- frame, motor, cables, etc. He then documented (with pictures) how to take it out and then install […]

Hey Ladies, are you dating a fun Volvo owner?

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Dating a volvo owner: We at MWS are very interested in hearing your stories on how you clicked and what happened? Feel free to send us your romantic and not-so romantic escapades with a Volvo Owner. We at MWS would like to know what ladies prefer about Volvo owners: their vehicle or their personality? We […]

Volvo: House calls with App based Pick up and Delivery service

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Volvo pick up and delivery service: March 31, 2020 ROCKLEIGH, N.J. — Volvo owners can now have their cars serviced without leaving their homes or offices. Volvo Valet is the luxury automaker’s new premium pick-up and drop-off service for vehicle maintenance in the U.S., offering owners exclusive access to a convenient and transparent maintenance process […]

MVS Newsletter March 2020

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Sign up for the MVS Newsletter here. Well, this is the strangest MVS newsletter I’ve ever written. COVID-19 has turned society upside down, all over the world. Stay safe, minimize contact, wash your hands. If you’re working outside your home as an essential worker, thank you. If you’re working in the medical field, thank you […]

Volvo Temporarily Closing Plants in U.S. and Sweden

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By Reuters March 20, 2020, 4:14 a.m. ET FRANKFURT — Volvo Temporarily Closing Plants. The Volvo carmaker is suspending production at its factories in Sweden, the United States and Belgium, to curb the spread of the coronavirus, it said on Friday, even as it resumes manufacturing in China where the infection rate has slowed. Volvo’s Swedish factories […]