Junk Yard — Always Get These Parts

Junk Yard Always Get These Parts -

When you’re at the pick-n-pull always harvest these parts. rspi‘s updated list » MAF if Bosch FPR if it is less than 10 years old Volvo axles Rear hatch lifts if they hold when less than 50 degrees F or almost hit you in the face when opening it. Rear wagon wings R front spoilers […]

1998 V70 GLT 19T Build

How To Make A Regular 1998 V70 Fast -

MVS Contributor and member since 2014 bmdubya1198 guides us through a wonderful build thread on an everyday 1998 V70 GLT with a factory 13G turbo. Check out what he did to it: bmdubya1198 » It’s time to see my first Volvo make some power! I’m not one to do “build threads”, but I figured for this car, […]

Volvo Car USA Achieves Thirteen Straight Months of Growth

Volvo Hq Usa -

Five percent growth year-over-year with 6,157 cars sold in January Thirteenth straight month of year-over-year growth for the brand Best January sales results in twelve years Volvo Car USA started 2020 strong with January sales posting five percent growth. Sales totaled 6,157 cars in January 2020 compared to 5,854 cars sold during the same period […]

DIY 1997 Volvo 850 Roll-Over Valve Hose Replacement

Roll Over Valve Hose Replacement -

The past few times I’ve tried to fill up the gas tank the pump keeps shutting off after just a few seconds, no matter how slow you try to pump in the fuel. It took me a while to finally get the tank full. This is new behavior for this car. As part of the diagnosis, I decided to check out the roll over valve to make sure that it was allowing the vapor from the tank to pass through to the charcoal canister during fueling.

Why not a Chinese Water Pump on the 3.2?

Water Pump Genuine Volvo 31219000 -

“Do not touch any chinese pump brand…”

This is just a warning echoed more than once here at MVS Forums. Be careful what parts you buy for your Volvo. That doesn’t mean every little thing has to come from the dealer, but rather important parts should be carefully considered.

Volvo Cars posts 10 Percent Growth in Americas for 2019

Volvo Corporate -

Americas region achieved total growth of 10 percent with 133,828 cars sold across USA, Canada and Latin America US, Canada, Brazil and Mexico show double digit growth over 2018 ROCKLEIGH, NJ (January 6, 2020) Today, the Volvo Car Americas region reports 133,828 retail sales for 2019, an increase of 10 percent. The growth is a result […]

Volvo 240 Tattoo

Volvo 240 Tattoo

My mind did a full hard reset when I saw it. What blew my mind? A “240” tattoo. You can find this Volvo 240 tattoo adorning the leg of the wonderful Amy L, who lives on the East Coast of the U.S.

How to Heat Your Garage

Warm Garage - How to Heat It

Cold fingers keeping you out of your garage in the winter? Here is a discussion of electric vs. kerosene heating, plus thoughts on insulation. Don’t wait to work on your Volvo because it’s cold out! MVS Contributor BlackBart »  Well I’ve finally done it. After all these years of fighting cold in my garage, projects stopping […]

Here’s How to Get Hands-On Help in Your Area

Do you need real-life, hands-on help from a fellow non-professional DIY’er? Often, MVS’ers help each other after connecting through these forums. Here’s the forum topic: The Real Life Get Help with your Volvo Problem topic If you need help, post in that topic… in other words, reply to that topic. In your post, add the following: […]