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AW 55-50SN Transmission Solenoid DIY Success

AW 55-50SN Transmission Solenoid DIY

Volvo P2 DIY wizard and MVS forum member precopster tells us how he performed the equivalent of the rebels destroying the Death Star in Star Wars:

I had some success last week with repairing the solenoids on the AW 55-50SN gearbox as fitted to the 2002 AWD S60.

To say it was a nerve racking experience is an understatement. TOTAL concentration is required and no interruptions while working if this isn’t your forte and you’re a first timer. The car was at my MILs and she was away at the time so I had uninterrupted time on the project.

Dropping the subframe wasn’t that difficult. I used the procedure from the repair database on Matthews. Hardest part was refitting one bolt for the trans line and dipstick which would have been a cinch if I’d removed the clamp on the hose going to the intercooler from the throttle body.

2002 S60 AWD AW 55-50SN Solenoid refurb-it worked

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