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AWD issues – Diagonosing bad propshaft in XC70

Having AWD issues?

AWD Center Carrier Mount Failure

I was just about to reply that the center carrier mount was definitely causing your problem when you posted that you removed your driveshaft and found it out for yourself. I just went through this with my 98 V70XC AWD too. I didn’t settle for leaving it out and wasn’t going to pay 1,100-1,400 at the Volvo dealer for a new one. The dealer will tell you that it cannot be fixed but I’m sure you know from reading here it can be.

I got a rebuilt one from Colorado Driveshaft They are really great and make it pretty easy getting a replacement. They pay all the shipping both ways, and in the end you are only out $475 or so. Call them in the morning.

AWD issues – Diagonosing bad propshaft in xc70

Bonus! More on The Volvo XC70

At its introduction, the second generation V70 XC received a major upgrade. It featured better ground clearance of 8.2 in (210 mm) thanks to a raised suspension, different bodywork with unpainted bumpers and fender extensions, and AWD as standard. An interior grab handle for the front passenger was installed only on this model. Early V70 XC featured special rear view mirrors, a feature that was discontinued after 2003.

Engine and gearbox choices were limited. Only the 2.5L low pressure turbo, or the D5 diesel engine with either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission were available. No diesel version was offered for the North American market.

For 2003 the model was renamed the XC70, in keeping with Volvo’s newly introduced XC90

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