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Bad Gas?

Is there such thing as Bad Gas?

Bad Fuel Causes: Water (Plus Ethanol Discussion)

I am a fuel distributor and have several repair shops and or stations.

Most cars have not been affected, because fuel has been run thru the system on a regulars basis. Several older cars, we had to flush the tanks and fuel systems after they stopped running due to tank issues after ethanol was used.

We were told especially in our metal tanks,before the 10% ethanol was brought to the stations, the tanks should be vacced and scrubbed.One station we did not do this and had no issues.

I’m not saying that ethanol screws up all cars and tanks, or anything like that.But water in the blends today is a big issue,especialy in underground storage tank that end up taking on any water.

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Bad Gas

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • Our Accident Research Team is an integral part of our commitment to our 2020 vision. Specialists visit accident sites or recreate crashes in the test lab. They have analysed over 40 000 accidents to find ways to make Volvos even safer.
  • How far will your Volvo take you? American Irv Gordon drove three million miles over 47 years in his Volvo P1800. He’s the first person ever to clock up that mileage in the same-originally owned vehicle. Even more impressive is that he achieved this feat without replacing the engine.

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