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Throttle Body Clean DIY – Volvo S40/V50, C30, C70

Throttle Body Cleaning for P1 vehicles- S40/V50, C30’s and some C70’s

MVS Forums Moderator Made In Japan details how to clean the throttle body of P1 vehicles- S40/V50, C30’s and some C70’s.

Throttle Body Removal Guide

1. For improved access:
– Remove the dipstick
– Remove the fixed fresh air inlet snorkel
– 2 x bolts as indicated (10mm?)
– 2 x retaining tabs at the front of the snorkel
– Twist & lift out
– Remove the flexible adapter to the airbox
– Twists off
– Remove the airbox elbow adapter
– Easier to remove the air filter & push out the elbow from the inside of the airbo

2. Loosen the hose clamp (socket or screwdriver)
– The OEM hose clamp won’t go anywhere, it’s clipped to the edge of the throttle body hose

3. Undo the two front Torx screws
– If room is tight, ditch the ratchet and use a small open-ended spanner on the Torx bit as shown

4. Undo the two back Torx screws (done by feel)
– 1/4 drive ratchet + 1.5 inch extension and the Torx bit worked for me
(Push the hose out the way)
(Remove the throttle body and unclip the wiring)
– Depress 2 x tabs on the connector and pull off
– Ensure you don’t lose the green silicon rubber gasket

5. Clean with throttle body cleaner and wipe with a lint free cloth
Also a good time to inspect/clean around the oil filter housing

Throttle Body Installation

6. Installation is reverse of removal, but make sure that:
The throttle body wiring is not kinked or twisted on installation
The throttle body seal is snug in the plenum chamber
Don’t over tighten the screws – VIDA says 10 Nm which is just about 7 1/2 Ft Lbs- it’s very light (but how would you get a torque wrench in there! If concerned, practice on a bolt somewhere that doesn’t matter to get a feel for 10 Nm…then get on it but easy).
All the fresh air snorkel parts are seated correctly

Throttle Body Cleaning for P1 vehicles- S40/V50, C30’s and some C70’s


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