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Boot Rip During Control Arm Swap

MVS Forums member gcha8e (novice/mid wrenching level) shows the results of his control arm removal effort, and the unfortunate boot tear suffered during his first ever try. Car: 2005 S60 2.5T AWD.

As you can see in his video, he plans to sneakily flip the bump stop. 😉

Hello again! I finally borrowed a car to get this done. I have successfully removed the left axle and inspected the boots, thanks to the tip I found on the site for using a wood chisel to pop the axle out of the transmission. Thanks MVS! (No tranny fluid did come out, thankfully). The inner boot is in good condition, the grease is leaking from the irregular shaped contoured edges (close to the transmission) which fit around the inner joint box.

The inner boot is in good shape and I plan to keep it on and merely add grease and a new clamp – so I don’t have to disassemble the inner joint and risk screwing up the bearings. I inspected the inside of the inner joint by sliding the boot down and looking in there and I was surprised that there was still a fair amount of grease in there in spite of it being all over the car.

Sadly the outer boot, which was not leaking, was damaged while removing the steering knuckle. I tore a hole it because the strut came down firmly on it and while I wiggled the strut around the jagged rusty bottom of it pierced the boot.

Thanks in advance for any tips and words of caution as I reassemble! I am uploading a video of my torn boot as a lesson for others, and of my tip to reuse the wheel stops on the opposite side of the car. Will post it soon.

Boot Tear – Lower Control Arm And CV Boot, Should I Bother?

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