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Volvo S70, V70, XC70, 850 Control Arm Replacement

I thought for sure that we had a writeup on control arms but we sure don’t. I would like to say that it is just 3 bolts and you are done but it is never that easy. The Haynes manual is pretty good there but I guess I need to do a writeup on the next one that I change. That doesn’t help you now.

With all of the fat boiled away it really is a matter of removing three bolts, removing the control arm, and then bolting the replacement back in but there are some “Gotchas” along the way.

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What Parts Can I Skimp On?

Let’s talk Parts What parts can I skimp on? Which must I buy as OEM Volvo? Which parts must be top quality? Which may not be? Bonus! 10…