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Bulb Failure Position Light

I went crazy looking for a blown bulb, found this site, lifted the tailgate of my V70 2006 and discovered that one license plate bulb was out. I gave it a smash and all is well. What a GREAT SITE ! Thanks to all.

If you have to “bump” your car to get the lights to work it is a connection or ground issue.
First thing to try is get some GOOD electrical contact cleaner and spray it on your sockets. next get some good dielectric grease, with a q-tip put some on your new bulb end before you insert it into the socket.

Volvo Bulb Failure Position Light
So you’ve got the cryptic Bulb Failure Position Light message… here’s which bulbs it might be that are out.

You have a tail light out (67 bulb), your position light warning will go away when it is replaced. If replacing one doesn’t work, replace them all.

Another thing to check is your headlights. Volvos are weird about headlights. If they are differnet brands this will often cause a bulb failure light. For example, if you have 2 H7s in there, one Sylvania and one Wagner, this will often trip the failure warning. Make sure both bulbs are the same.

To reset the service light, turn the key to position 1 (where just the red airbag light comes on), push and hold the reset button on the instrument cluster, while holding the button down turn the key to the on position (when all the lights in the instrument cluster come on) and wait about 10 seconds. You will see either the service light or the yellow triangle light blink a couple of times. When it blinks, let up on the button and quickly push it again. This will reset the light.

Bulb Failure Position Light, Several Volvo Models




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