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Camshaft Position Sensor Testing Procedure


MVS Volvo Forums member emtbjb has a 1998 V70-XC that will not start. Many times, a no-start condition is a fault with the camshaft position sensor. In fact, it’s often the top thing to look for, after the very obvious culprits have been eliminated as causes.

I am testing the camshaft position sensor with a meter plugged into the connector that goes to the ECU. This is according to the test procedure by Chilton, Hayes, and Volvo. It calls for testing the values at the harness on the engine side unplugged from the sensor. I do not have an account with Alldata. I have pulled a P0340 code. I have good fuel pressure, no spark, and have not checked the injector pulse yet. When I do backprobe the camshaft sensor and crank it, 3 has battery volt, 2 goes between battery volt and 6.5 volts.


Post by 850tech » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:56 pmJust took a quick look on alldata and those values are correct, with the sensor disconnected B+ (12v) on 2 and 3, and ground on 1 edit: on the engine harness side obviously

Any Codes? If so post them and me or someone else here wil let you know where to look as soon as possible. Also have you checked all your basics?
Fuel, spark and injector pulse? we need to know so you can narrow it down. For example if you have fuel, but no spark or injector pulse them a crank or cam sensor could be the issue, but you don’t want to get into the complicated when something as simple is as the fuel pump relay (most common) could cause the same no start issue. Let us know if it’s fuel or spark your missing, and don’t worry about injector pulse, I understand most don’t have that kind of test equipment.
I’m sure we will be able to help you figure it out.

Camshaft Position Sensor Testing Procedure