2005 XC90 Front Passenger Brake Locks Up – Fix

Dale’s front right brake on his XC90 is locking up when he uses the brakes. This is a really serious problem, I think it goes without saying but here we are saying it anyway. What Joe found was the problem was in his XC90’s BCM/ABS unit’s valve component.

Parts Review: No Love for Cardone Brakes

I purchased the Cardone rebuilt ultra calipers for about the $32 per corner (Rock Auto) – hard to beat that price. I was quoted 30 per corner locally for just a used part. Here are my thoughts on the units I received. The ultras are powder coated which is nice – no rusting. The paint […]

Perfect Stop Brakes Review

This might be one you want to avoid. We have a discussion happening right now in the Volvo forum about Perfect Stop brakes (remanufactured). Neil bought them for his 2000 V70 R, and couldn’t install them because of (re) manufacturing defects. Neil: Well all I can say is it is the worst piece of junk […]

ABS Pump Replacement DIY for 2001-2009 S60

New MVS Contributor ReWagner posts a great PDF that shows how to remove and replace the ABS pump in P2 Volvos… For some time I have had an ABS message – with trouble codes BTM0070 (pump motor supply voltage, faulty signal) and BCH0072 (pump motor, mechanical error). The online information that I could find suggested […]

Stage 0 and So Much More… Fix List for a V70

MVS Contributor Sledddriver goes on an multi-month blistering repair & fix odyssey, taking his 1998 V70 T5 from the edge of roadworthiness to 100% functional and reliable… all for not even $1000.  This is Stage 0 and way, way more. Following up on Tryingbe’s theme [of restoring to 100% a P80 Volvo], here’s a list of sled-work […]

How an Unrelated Part Can Void Your Insurance Claim

Good Rules to Know When Dealing With Insurance Claims MVS Forums member mrbrian200 sees his insurance claim voided after his Volvo got hit… because of his parking brake. Just so you know. Modern insurance companies are in the business to *collect money*. Claims are not viewed as a normal course of business, but treated as a liability against […]

The Birth, Life & Death of an XC90 T6

Ok, that title was a little dramatic, but that’s the idea. MVS member XVTer bought a 2004 XC90 T6 a few years ago for his wife. In between the buying date and selling date he posted some of the best tune-up, Stage 0 and restoration info for XC90s I’ve ever seen. This is his XC90 T6 story. […]

Fixing Up 99 S70 T5

MVS member Auburn T5 goes bananas on fixing up a 1998 Volvo S70 T5. Stage 0, new transmission, new struts, shocks and springs, you name it. Documented with photos too. Did a lot of stage zero work – inspected vacuum lines, changed oil filter, fuel filter, top motor mount, k&N panel filter, timing belt, water […]

Big Brakes on Small Wheels

MVS Volvo Forums member Nevada1906 not only installs a 302mm big brake kit on his 850, he shaves the calipers down so they’ll fit in his 16-inch Columba OE wheels. He documents the whole upgrade. Then he follows up years later on how it’s working. Here’s the story: After asking around on this site, I […]

Speed Restoring a 1998 XC70 in One Week

One Week Speed Restoring MVS Contributor and #1 Volvo ABS module rebuilder Matty Moo plans to restore this XC70 in one week. Man vs. Car. The bad: steering suspension misfiring no speedo blown IC hoses ABS module shot distributor cap, wires and plugs brake pads and rotors I picked this up a few weeks back from […]