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Vacuum Brake Booster Switch Fix — Part #30620958 for V40 1.9T

shatayl7 » After struggling after trying to find a replacement for the vacuum brake booster switch I decided to try a part that was easily accessible. This is a write up of what I did and the parts I utilized to replace part #30620958.

Parts List from Amazon

  • B003GBIJ5I (90 degree check valve going into Brake booster 1/2″ booster end to 3/8″ barbed end)
  • B003VAVMKI (90 degree Elbow Plastic for no corrosion issues)
  • B08FS47MQD (Replacement switch all barbs are 3/8″)
  • B07NDVD19P (Heavy wall Silicone hose kit variety of sizes I had to replace some other rotten vacuum lines on the intake that’s why I chose this kit as well as the different sizes for fitment there was plenty of hose for the job and the other lines I needed to replace Mostly used the 8mm was a tighter fit)
  • B07GDCH1YK (oetiker clamp kit was just my preference instead of worm drive clamps)

I chose the extra check valve at the booster instead of a 1/2″ to 3/8″ barb so i would have more options in rotating the parts to find a good spot for the new switch to sit. I also was not sure the valve would fit in the original position given that the barbs are straight and not angled like the OEM Switch. I Also reused the fitting connecting to the vacuum pump.

After assembly the vacuum pump started to suck and shut off as it is supposed to after a certain vacuum was obtained. Brakes were back to full function at start up. Everything worked well on a test drive and it didn’t seem that the hoses were routed in a manner that they would be subject to excessive heat. I hope this helps those who are in need of the part that volvo no longer makes.

90 Degree check valve fitting in brake booster90 Degree check valve fitting in brake booster90 Degree fitting90 Degree fittingAssembly for switch to plug into the boosterAssembly for switch to plug into the boosterfit upfit upReused fitting for attachment to intakeReused fitting for attachment to intakeSwitch placementSwitch placementSwitch placementSwitch placementre route of hose going to intake manifoldre route of hose going to intake manifoldFit upFit upFit upFit upFit upFit upFit upFit upVacuum pump connectionVacuum pump connectionFinal placement with covers reinstalledFinal placement with covers reinstalled

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