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Parking Brake System Tuneup 1993-2000 S70, V70, XC-70, 850

Parking Brake System Tuneup

ISSUE: Need for parking brake system inspection. OEM components are prone to various degrees of failure due to age, exposure to elements, and heat which could affect drive-ability and control.

CONSEQUENCES: One or both rear wheels could lock up immobilizing vehicle when parked, or causing loss of control if it occurs while moving.

RECOMMENDATION: Perform simple “adjuster,” “drag,” and “visual” inspections via OEM tool kit and jack. Plan for inspection of rear (parking) brake shoes as part of next preventative maintenance. Add system inspection to appropriate service interval and any rear wheel service (e.g. brakes, bearings, tires, pads, brake fluid flush, etc.).

Parking Brake

Parking Brake - hub

Parking Brake System Tuneup

Parking Brake Tips/Tricks is also a parking brake fix and restoration, written by the MVS Forums supercontributor CN90.

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Chris Robbins says:

If I’m not mistaken, this would be applicable to the ’98-’04 C70 as well.

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