RIP 1994 850 Turbo Wagon

Rip 1994 850 Both airbags went off and everything worked as it should.

MVS Forums member hanzbe420 » My poor baby 850 turbo wagon! Paid 1100 in 2010, got into an accident yesterday. A truck pulled out in front of me, and I t-boned him. It was his fault. The volvo served me very well. And protected me in the crash! “Both airbags went off and everything worked as it […]

Gen Z to Baby Boomers: You’re The Biggest Threat

Drivers Ed Boomers Vs Genz -

And Boomers feel the same way… about Generation Z. The finger pointing is over who causes accidents most often. These are the findings of a Harris poll done on behalf of Volvo. In a wide-ranging survey of Americans across a broad range of generations, Volvo set out to explore the effectiveness of driver’s ed programs […]

Volvo News – Newsletter March 2019

Mvs Newsletter Logo March 20191 -

MVS Volvo Newsletter March 2019 Want these to come to you? Subscribe to the MVS Newsletter here. Volvo News Volvo Announces Polestar 2 Good quick overview of Volvo… er… Polestar’s second vehicle, and how it competes with the Tesla Model 3. Here’s the MVS rundown of Polestar 2 vs. Model 3. Volvo Goes Full “Big […]

Windshield Glass: Which Brand?

Ppg Or Pilkington Windshield Replacement -

So you need a new windshield and your insurance says you have to take the brand their giving you. But wait. There’s got to be an array of brands and quality, right? Right. The lower quality the windshield glass brand, the more likely it is to be wavy, especially when you look at it from […]

XC90 Sabotage – Vandals Destroy Fuel System

XC90 Sabotage -

We have a Category Red issue happening now. MVS Forums member Jeeptroll’s 2006 XC90 V8 was vandalized in Washington, D.C. The vandal(s) put debris in the gas tank after prying open the fuel filler door. The debris could be sugar and plant matter. The XC90 was of course disabled, and he towed it 180 miles […]

Uber Self-Driving Volvo XC90 Test Vehicle Kills Pedestrian

Volvo Uber Suv Kills Bicyclist

An autonomous Uber test SUV driving in Tempe, Arizona was involved in a fatal collision last night, and the Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time the accident occurred, according to Tempe Police (via Daisuke Wakabayashi). The Uber SUV was driving northbound, and a woman crossed in its path outside of a crosswalk, at which […]

Failed Water Pump Causes Timing Belt Failure

If you hate to see good Volvos die, look away now. Don’t click on this. Don’t read this. Go outside for a nice walk. Driving to work this morning, my timing belt broke. Chances are if you’re reading this you “get” that. It’s the Great Fear of any interference engine owner who DIYs. Possibly you […]

A Discussion on Volvo Safety 1980s-Today

Unless you’re new to Earth, you probably know that Volvo is known for safety. Volvo built its reputation on safety. They’re safe cars. It’s a household phrase: Volvo safety. But are the older Volvos still safe, compared to today’s safety standards? [Read about Volvo’s safety innovations over the years, like SIPS and 3-point seatbelts.] It’s […]

XC60 – Buy Extended Warranty?

MVS Volvo Forums member chapel is thinking about buying a 100k mile XC60 and putting a $3k extended warranty on it. Smart? Wife and I are thinking of getting a 2010 T6 R-design It’s just about to pass 100k miles and we’re looking at possibly getting an aftermarket warranty So for a 5 year plan […]

How an Unrelated Part Can Void Your Insurance Claim

Good Rules to Know When Dealing With Insurance Claims MVS Forums member mrbrian200 sees his insurance claim voided after his Volvo got hit… because of his parking brake. Just so you know. Modern insurance companies are in the business to *collect money*. Claims are not viewed as a normal course of business, but treated as a liability against […]