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XC90 Sabotage – Vandals Destroy Fuel System

We have a Category Red issue happening now. MVS Forums member Jeeptroll’s 2006 XC90 V8 was vandalized in Washington, D.C. The vandal(s) put debris in the gas tank after prying open the fuel filler door. The debris could be sugar and plant matter.

The XC90 was of course disabled, and he towed it 180 miles back home on a trailer.

Currently, this is his plan to remove the damage and get it running again:

Jeeptroll » 

Ok. Thank you all for the input. Here is my plan please comment
  1. Coarse cleaning… purchase a 12v transfer in-line fuel pump fo $20 and Siphon the fuel through a fine mesh sock filter that drains back to the tank. I will use a 5/16 hose as the pick up and attempt to remove/ vacuum out the debris through the top access ports.

  2. Siphon dry and wipe down as best effort.

  3. Fine cleaning. Introduce 5gal clean fuel and repeat recirculating cleaning with an line filter.

Should I use water or fuel in this step to dissolve the crystals? I tested this They will dissolve in water. Will I be able to remove all of the water?

XC90 Sabotaged

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