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Here’s How to Get Hands-On Volvo Help in Your Area

Do you need real-life, hands-on Volvo help from a fellow non-professional DIY’er?

Often, MVS’ers help each other after connecting through these forums. Here’s the forum topic:

The Real Life Get Help with your Volvo Problem topic

If you need help, post in that topic… in other words, reply to that topic. In your post, add the following:

  • your location
  • what Volvo model/year it is
  • whether you have the necessary parts and tools
  • what you’ve done so far
  • how you came to your diagnosis of the problem

Hopefully, another MVS’er will respond that s/he can help, and you can take it offline and go from there. Happy troubleshooting with hands-on Volvo help!

Draft Rules for the Help in Your Area Forum

Two flavors of post: Help Offered and Help Needed

1 No money to exchange hands, People are free to do what they want in our society, but in this forum, offers of and solicitations for money will result in post deletion. Arrange any such compensation by private message (PM) offline.

2 All terms of Service rules for MVS apply usual, Executive Summary – don’t be a Richard.

3 Help Needed

TITLE FORMAT 1999 V70 T5 Wagon – Help with dome light staying on ATLANTA GA (zip code)

Ive tried the following, but not having any luck – anyone in area can help?

(link to thread if applicable)

4 Help Offered

TITLE FORMAT:P80 P2 HELP offered Albany NY 12054

Have garage, jack, VIDA, and spare parts
Advance Auto 2 miles away
Good independent shop 1/2 mile away.

5 MVS is not a Tinder service, but if anyone meets and gets married via this forum, you have to buy everyone on MVS lunch.

6 When done, please thank in public and put some details down, so that we know everything went well and we keep the creeper count down. I have personally met about a dozen people here on MVS between help and parts, so feel free to reach out for references if you would like them.

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