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Craigslist Ad C70 Convertible Manual Trans

Check out this Craigslist Ad C70 Convertible

Craigslist ad - C70 Convertible Manual Trans

2000 Volvo C70 HT 2dr Turbo Convertible – $5290

Volvos aren’t known for holding their resale value, and that’s just fine with me. Why? It makes them a snap to buy used.

Here’s an example. With 121k miles, this C70 is a bargain for those of us who turn our own wrenches (do maintenance and repairs). It’s a fast, fun convertible with dozens of luxury features… for around $5k (assuming the dealer has some price padding, which most sellers do).

I post CL ads I find quite regularly in the MVS Forums’ Volvo Classifieds section. I don’t have any involvement with any of them — I’m not the seller and don’t know the seller or the car. I always put a disclaimer in my posts like: I don’t know the seller, don’t know the car, don’t know anything beyond what the ad says, and don’t have any interest in this sale. This post is intended to potentially provide a match between an MVS member and his future Volvo, or generate discussion because of the car’s rarity, beauty, or low price.

In summary, if you’re on the lookout for a used Volvo, keep an eye on MVS Classifieds. Even if you’re not in the Rocky Mountain region, these postings can help you gauge the value of used Volvos and help give you an idea of what kind of money you’d part with to own one.

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