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Omg the beast of a job. Fix headliner.

Let’s talk Removing & installing a headliner

Difficulty… Well I did it so yeah maybe novice but not beginner. It took me about 3 hours running inside and coming back. With a small break. Time: 2 hours.

Fix Headliner Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70

  • RobTheModd » To fix headliner!
  • First thing your going to need these tools.
  • A 10mm socket!
  • for the oh shit bars, and possibly battery, also the sun-visors.
  • A T-30 driver
  • for the rear view mirror
  • A T-12 I believe….
  • for the dome light
  • A SMALL flat head screw driver
  • to for dome light and all handles.
  • You should also get someone to help you remove the headliner once it is un attached.
  • Depending on how you go about you might need wire snippers.
  • Difficulty… Well I did it so yeah maybe novice but not beginner.
  • It took me about 3 hours running inside and coming back. with a small break. so
  • Time: 2 hours.
  • First you need to remove all trim required.
  • This includes the A pillars, the pillar with the seat-belt, and the roof trim above the rear doors.
  • There are no tools required to remove those, just your hands.
  • See photo set A A pillar, and Center pillar.JPG A pillar, and Center pillar Rear door upper trim.JPG Rear door upper trim

Fix Headliner Step Two

  • Next would be the handles, or oh shit bars as they are commonly called.
  • To remove these you will need the 10mm socket, aswell as the tiny flat head. The rear two will have a light attached, so once you remove them they will have to be unplugged. Very simple.
  • In order to remove the handles, you may rock them back and forth or up and down, towards the roof and floor, while pulling until they pop out.
  • Near the handles are little plugs that I assume cover a temp sensor. Simply use your tiny flat head and pop them out just enough to pull out all the way.
  • See photo set B Oh shit bars.JPG Oh shit barsPlug.JPG Plug
  • Afterwards you may try your luck on the dome light, very simple to do. Use the small flat head to remove the light bulb lenses, under there you will see two small screws, take them off with your T12. and be sure not to loose them.
  • To remove it once that is done simply use the small flat head to pop it down. mind the clasps if you use your fingers for this as they will hurt when they pop down… trust me I know.
  • See photo set C for after removal. *I require a new one thanks to braking it*. Whoops :oops:
  • Now that you have the dome light off, use your T30 to remove the two screws holding your rear-view mirror on. They stay within the base so no need to worry about loosing them. Dome light,mirror area.JPGRed signifies Dome light screws,
  • Green signifies Mirror screws. Dome light,mirror area
  • Red signifies Dome light screws,
  • Green signifies Mirror screws. Next would be the dreaded sunroof trim.
  • This is a VERY simple thing to do… Think of it as rolling the trim.
  • Grasps from the middle front and roll it upwards and towards the middle of the sunroof. There are clips located every id say 6 inches. Be gentle with it, because for the 850s… VOLVO DOES NOT CARRY THEM ANY LONGER, and for the S70 trims it is a $65 piece. not sure how much from a JY. maybe $10.
  • See photo set D Sun Roof Trim.JPG Sun Roof Trim
  • Now its time for the sun-visors. These are a bit tricky, it depends on how you want to go about it. Mine I needed to change so I simply snipped the wires.
  • If you want to preserve your wires, your going to need to take your time. But it might just be simpler to snip your wires and re attach them once your ready.
  • Anyways, there are two 10 mm holding it on. Once you remove those it will fall down, caught by the holder on the opposite side. Simply pop that out, its easy to push towards the window while pulling down, you will see why when it comes out. Sun visor.JPG Sun visor
  • After all that is done your roof should be sagging a bit. Which is good.
  • or if your headliner is as bad as mine, the cloth should be falling like crazy and there should be lots of red dust.
  • Now the last bit to do would be the apparent EVIL clips at the back. These are actually VERY easy to remove. Simply turn them and your good to go. They come right out. Rear Clip.JPG Rear Clip
  • Now that you have removed all the trimmings associated with the roof, your headliner should fall down in the front, but not the back because we never removed the rear pillar. Just pull it forwards about 3 inches and it slides out of that gap. so really no need to remove it.
  • Hopefully you have removed your seats for this. If not and you choose to do it my way… YOU will need two people.
  • One to put the car in the L position, and apply the break, you can try the e brake but that’s a bit interesting of a maneuver to try and i would avoid it.
  • If you have no seats in your car now it should be a very easy twist and turn and out the front passenger door.
  • but if you left them in..
  • Move the seats as far back as possible, and as low as possible.
  • shift into low gear, and take your time to get it out the front pass door.
  • I recommend two people do this so that you have two sets of eyes, and two sets of hands. makes it ALOT easier.
  • This concludes how to remove the headliner. If you need anything clarified just ask.
  • I will be posting a how to install within this same thread.
  • I believe there is a how to for the wagon, and they went over how to attach the fabric to the board. I will try to attach it unless someone else can find it tonight.
  • Your roof should look something like this once you are done…
  • Mind yourself that I reinstalled some parts so that I could use it. Like the mirror, sun-visors, and the handles. IMG_6017.JPGIMG_6014.JPG

Omg the beast of a job. Removing & installing a headliner

Bonus! More on the Volvo 850

Volvo unveiled an entirely new model series in June 1991, the Volvo 850 GLT. The Volvo 850 GLT was launched under the banner of “A dynamic car with four world-beating breakthroughs”.

The four new features were: transverse 5-cylinder engine driving the front wheels, Delta-link rear axle which combined the dynamics and ride comfort of independent suspension with the security of a live rear axle, the SIPS integrated side-impact protection system, and the self-adjusting front seat belt mechanism.

The exterior design of the 850 bore a strong Volvo identity, and its 740 and 940 heritage was immediately apparent.

Volvo 850 GLT received a tumultuous welcome; seldom has a new car reaped so many awards as the 850.

Over the intervening years, the 850 series has been expanded with additional variants, among them turbocharged petrol versions and a direct-injection turbo-diesel.

The Volvo 850 was also the first car in the world to offer side-impact airbags, which were introduced in autumn 1994.

In model year 1997, the S70 replaced the 850 Sedan car.

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