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Power Window Master Control Switch Dead?

Problems With Your Power Window Master Control Switch?

Let’s Troubleshoot This!

file - Power Window Master Control Switch Dead?

My wife was in the car this afternoon and said she smelled burning coming from the driver’s door panel. Then the windows all stopped working, as did the sunroof and the electric mirrors.

I can’t see any obvious burn/melt damage to the unit. When I press the window control, the driver’s window makes a clicking sound (over and over).

When I took off the unit, the other windows still wouldn’t go down or up. I know in some other brands if the Master Control had gone, taking it out will allow you to run the other windows independantly. Not with this bad boy.

Back … and with working windows.

When the wife was away in the car the father-in-law removed the relay. Put a new one in and hey presto … it works.

Now, the relay I got from Napa Car Parts isn’t flush with the others so I may have to go to Volvo to get a new flush one but at least I got the windows to roll up.

Power Window Master Control Switch Dead?

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