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2001+ Volvo XC70 Owners Chime in on Ownership

Which Volvo XC70 Year to Buy?

If you’re wondering which Volvo XC70 model year was the best to buy, you can begin your search by reviewing the multiple automotive reliability data websites. Take time to look at the multiple variables; transmission failure, engine defects, and the average mileage and the longevity of the car.  See how your desired Volvo XC70 year ranks amongst the other years.

The Volvo XC70 was introduced to the market in 1996 as a variation of the V70 Cross Country wagon. The XC70 is a lift all-wheel-drive luxury wagon with plenty of cargo space. It has off-road rugged performance and is a premium alternative to other cross over vehicles.

Volvo XC70 comparison

Larry wrote:

i’ve got a 94 850 turbo wagon now and i love it, but it’s got 230,000 miles.. i’m interested in the v70 xc for my next volvo..
are there any year models that i should avoid? should i stick with what i’ve got? what is the best volvo wagon made?
thanks for your opinions,

saltydog said:
“Let me add that you should run from the ’01 like it were a pygmy chasing you with a flaming elephant dung tipped spear…..& rethink dumping current car – I wish I had.”

 “You’re right, with a higher center of gravity, the XC displays more body roll BUT, I threw some 17″ ‘R’ wheels on mine & dumped the crappy Pirelli Scorpions for some Toyo’s (keep same OD – very important) & the handling is close to my old 96 turbo wagon (XC is heavier as well) surprisingly though, the added ride height gives a very nice ride even on the lower profile rubber – better than the 850 & the handling is aided by the XC’s center console ‘chicken bar’ that you can brace yourself with……it all helps.”

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best year for v70 xc?

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My 2002 Volvo V70XC has performed well since I bought it almost 5 years ago. I bought it used for $15,000 with 134,000 klms on it. It now 208,000 klms and the only major repair I’ve had is the entire emergency brake system (including rear breaks) which cost me almost $3000. The rear shocks need replacing and the transmission hesitates when its cold in the morning and I shift from reverse to drive the first time. Sounds like I have some expensive repairs coming up, but I feel the car has done well for what I paid for it. The body is in great shape and runs well, especially on the highway. All of the accessories work well except the front speakers distort. I’ve replaced the speakers but they still buzz so I’m assuming the amp in the stereo is gone. The rear speakers work fine though.

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