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How to Change CVVT Hub on P2 Volvos

CVVT Hub Change

MVS (now) Contributor F250 made a very good PDF that guides us through CVVT Hub Change Guide on P2 Volvos. Download the PDF here. See F250’s Forum topic here for discussion and methodology.

Important information

VIDA instructions may not have the correct information with regards to clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW) movements when setting the hubs and gear rings, depending upon which version of the software is being used. VIDA 2014A and newer reportedly has the correct information.

Within this document, to try to keep the mental imagery simple, the clockwise (CW) direction/position will be referred to as the FORWARD direction/position, which is easy to remember because it is comparable to rotating the top of the hub FORWARD towards the front of the car. Consequently, the counterclockwise (CCW) direction/position will be referred to as the REVERSE direction/position – equivalent to rotating the top of the hub towards the rear of the vehicle. Rear wheel drive engine setups can still use this easily because we’re familiar with the “righty-tighty” rule of thumb, and we all read left-to-right. Even with the correct directional instructions, the VIDA instructions are confusing. This Guide is meant to clarify the process offsetting up CVVT hubs, and the information contained below is compiled from multiple resources, and credit has been given to each resource.

Earlier versions (2001 and older) of the exhaust VVT hubs were spring loaded, and this is a little more tedious to work with because those hubs MUST be physically held in the spring loaded fully clockwise position while installing the belt.

This PDF is so full of good CVVT info it’ll make your head explode.

CVVT Hub Replacement (How to DIY) – P2

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