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1999 Volvo V70 R dipstick pushing up

crankcase pressure glove test

Dipstick pushing up, but the PCV has already been done.

Dan McBoost fixed a very common Volvo P80 and P2 problem: pressure in oil pan pushes dipstick out. But first he had to cause the problem. To do that, he did his V70 R’s PCV system and replaced a whole bunch of wear items.

The odd thing about his case was that he had already replaced the PCV system, which is usually the fix, not the cause of, a dipstick pushing up.

Previous to recent repairs:

  • Oil cap fill location failed the rubber glove test (checked because of oil leaks).
  • Glove filled up with air.
  • Noted normal gas mileage 17-20MPG.

Repairs done:

  • 12/15 2015: Replaced the complete PCV system with IPD kit.
  • 12/15 2015: Also replaced the timing belt, waterpump, alternator, thermostat with all new parts (from IPD (except the alt)).

Current new issues:

  • very bad gas mileage (~8-10mpg, but I have not filled it up yet)
  • oil dip stick gets pushed up and oil does spray out.
  • high pitched noise, which sounds kind of whistle like. When the engine is shut off, still makes the noise after the engine stops, but then fades away.
  • The PTC nipple is clear and the valve cover now has great vacuum (does not fail the glove test).

Does anyone have any idea or ideas of what to start with? A bunch was replaced with new and I am at a loss of ideas.

Pressure in oil pan – pushes dipstick out

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