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Disable Daytime Running Volvo Lights

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Why pay a tech, disable your daytime running volvo lights yourself.

Control the daytime running volvo lights With the knob for headlamp control in position, and the car’s electrical system in key position II or the engine running, the daytime running lights are activated automatically in daylight.

With the knob for headlamp control in position the daytime running Volvo lights (Daytime Running Lights – DRL) are activated automatically when the car is driven in daylight.

A light sensor on the top of the instrument panel changes from daytime running volvo lights to dipped beam at twilight or when daylight becomes too weak. Switching to dipped beam also takes place when the rear fog lamps are activated.

On cars with halogen headlamps the daytime running light lamps are switched off when main or dipped beam is activated.

On cars with active Xenon headlamps the daytime running light lamps are switched on with reduced brightness when main or dipped beam is activated.

MVS Forum Member shurst asks:

I just took our XC70 in for it’s 7500 mile service. Asked if there were any way to turn off the DTRL’s. I got some story about having to reprogram the computer to do it – for which they wanted $98!!

I also have an ’05 Dodge Cummins. anything that can be changed thru the ECU, the dealer has done gratis. It’s just a matter of setting a bit on or off.

With the XC70, I don’t want to clip any wires, and suspect that would cause a fault in the ECU.

The front, passenger side window has the “fast” up and down type switch that the service people at Volvo said could also be fixed the same way as the DTRL’s – computer fix at $98.

So, I need help here, or do I just live with this stuff.

Thanks for any help rendered.

MVS Forum Member Tait 940 adds:

Hello, before cutting wires to disable your day-time running Volvo lights on Canadian model 850s, take the control knob out of the dash and look on the back, there was a white sliding switch there that allowed me to control my DRLs without having to cut anything.

MVS Forum Member lud adds:

Just checked my 96 850 T5 (had it for 10 years and didn’t know this switch existed) This is a UK car and the switch is multi position, depending on the position different combinations of Head/side lights are on. So try the small switch clock and anti clockwise. Many thanks 😀

Disable your Daytime Running Lights

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Please tell me how to disable DRL on my 1993 Volvo 940

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