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MVS Forums member Yehuda explains how he fixed the ETM on his 2001 S60. This should be similar or identical to all P2 Volvos with the Magnetti Marelli module.

ETM SOFTWARE RELOAD did work, now the car is stable at idle, does Not shake and gives good pedal feedback, well it’s EVEN BETTER than before problems started, I guess it’s because of the wear resistor the I had on the first ETM.

Actually I bought the used ETM on ebay, when i exchanged the tps with the contactless tps, i saw that this ETM has wear resistor also (look at the picture), how much time would you gave it till the ETM had fail? but, now with the contactless tps it should be good for very long time, or forever i think.

I didn’t measured voltages, so I can’t tell.

I didn’t took pictures of the job, i was too excited to see it works, but i now have the used s80 ETM that didn’t worked well as the current used s60 ETM, so i’ll install the contactless tps on it too, and sell it to “Reduce losses”. i’ll take pics on this project.

By the calculation i did, i spent on this ETM problem more than $1000: $400 on 4 contactless TPS, $200*2 ETMs + $150 taxes and $200*3 on ETM software reload, that only the last time has succeeded. if i had to buy new one from the dealer i had to pay 5000 NIS($1,462.31) + $300 labor and software + 16% VAT.

So i saved some bucks by fix it myself, without mention the time it took me. so in second thought maybe i didn’t saved anything at all :(.

VRD:Volvo s60 P/N 8644345 2001 non-turbo ETM pictures

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