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Project: DIY Volvo XC90 Brake Line Replacement

If you’re going to attempt to do a XC90 brake line replacement yourself, this tutorial might make it a bit easier.

gshadow325  writes:
After 150,000 miles on what looks like the original rubber brake lines, my XC90 deserves a brake.
Takspeed Stainless Steel Brake lines in blue (part #vol1301) were ordered $107 shipped. Not bad considering elevate’s lines were $179, Goodrich was $150 and Wilwood didnt even make a set for this SUV.
Ordered on a Monday morning(US Holiday too) got it by Friday.:tup:

Quality looks really good, length was correct, fittings done nicely.:tup:

Tools and parts required:

  • 13mm Flare wrench
  • 14mm flare wrench
  • 7/16 flare wrench
  • 3/8″ inside diameter clear vinyl tubing $0.20ft at home depot / lowes hardware stores. get 3 feet
  • one live human being that is good at taking directions
  • minimum 1pint of quality brake fluid depending on how much you are flushing, i did 1 quart :arob:
XC90 brake line replacement DIY

Did it in this order: right rear, left rear, right front then finally front left.

Worth it? In my case yes because the lines were rusted under the protecive cover in the front and getting dry rotted in the rear lines. Plus after 150k, any soft of rubber item will degrade over time, it was preventive maintenance/ performance upgrade :).

Level of difficulty 1 to 10 (10 hardest) = 2

Time: 1.5hrs plus i changed the front pads too

Review: Takspeed Stainless Steel Brake lines/ how to..kinda

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