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Project: Volvo EGR and Throttle Body Cleaning 4-5 hours

Throttle Body and EGR Cleaning TutorialFish stick88  writes: After my gas pedal got stuck to the floor, I found I was getting a “no flow” error from the EGR, and also that it needed cleaned out. I ordered the Gaskets, for my EGR and Throttle body, however, I also recommend taking off the intake manifold. This job is about a 4-5 hour job, if you clean stuff up like you should. The EGR is the only real pain in this project, the rest just takes time.

EGR and Throttle Body Cleaning Step 1

First take off the negative battery terminal, as you will be unplugging sensors from various areas. Second, take off the Air-Box hose, and Air box – elbow hose. A bit of bending is needed as well as some force.

Next take off the Mass Airflow Sensor. The Sensor tail comes off the end. Let it dangle. The two hoses come off rather easy. The unit itself comes off by a clip at the bottom, push in and pull up.

Pop the link to the throttle body with a screwdriver, make sure not to twist it or bend up the link. there are 3 screws that hold in the cable section. undo the three, as well (what the arrows point too) the wire harness. Take off whatever vacuum lines needed to get the bolts off, remember where they go.

Now that the elbow is more exposed, twist out the flame trap, and undo the hose clamp. Mine was loose to begin with.

First, Take off the Throttle position sensor, (circled) then, 2 vacuum lines at the bottom of the throttle body. Followed by 4 bolts holding it in (Torque of 168lb/in or 14lb/ft) the Throttle body should be free.

Now that the EGR is exposed, follow the Temp sensor, back to its connection, (over by the battery) Unplug it, and untangle it through the wire and hose mess you’ve created.

Take off the vacuum line at the top, and then proceed to take off the large bolt at the tail end of the EGR, It will need to be broken loose, once you have it off whack it, obviously with something rubber like, I used a wood shim

EGR and Throttle Body Cleaning (Walkthrough)

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