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Getting to a Gen 1 V70XC Fuel Pump

Let’s talk about the Gen 1 V70XC Fuel Pump

Ok so I found out that the 1998 v70 xc fuel pump was best removed by cutting the floor pan out, ok so here is the problem i can not get the two wires from here is a pic of some one else wires mine are not that rusty . How do I get them off ?

XC70 Fuel Pump


Xilikon wrote :

“It’s a real pain in the ass to remove the connector wire because it was wedged between the floor and the top of the fuel reservoir. You could try loosening the holding strap so the reservoir can be lowered a bit to pull the wire.

This is the half of the battle because the other one is to find a way to reroute the new wire since it’s pratically impossible to fish the wire in the same place without risking knocking something else. I managed to do by routing along the edge, around the suspension part and up to the connector. I ziptied to make sure it stay firmly in place to avoid rubbing on any suspension part.”


1998 Gen 1 V70XC Fuel Pump – How do I Get to it?

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