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Engine Jerking with Flashing Check Engine?

All I needed was a zip tie to move the crank sensor wire away from the distributor cap. A TSB was referenced from back in 1995.

volvo engine jerking

Diagnosing your volvos engine jerking.

Volvo engine jerking is a very unsettling feeling. MVS forum member fiore67 shares his experience with his 850 engine jerking that was accompanied by a flashing check engine light. See what information other forum members have offered up in regards to this somewhat often encountered issue.

MVS Forum Member fiore67 asks:

Some info for the older 850 owners. Recently got an intermittent engine jerking sensation along with a flashing check engine light. A code 214 referencing the RPM or Crank sensor led me to changing this. When the problem persisted I went to Alldata online, keyed in the code 214 and my car info and what do you know. All I needed was a zip tie to move the crank sensor wire away from the distributor cap. A TSB was referenced from back in 1995. Not bad for a novice. A local independent shop that works on nothing but foreign cars quoted me $250.00 just to do a diagnosis. Don’t think I’ll be going there any time soon. 8)

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Some repairs are simple and cheap….others are not. Lucky on this one….Thanks for sharing! Btw, the MAF sensor plug-in cable is the same way- if you don’t zip tie it away from the triangular relay box, it will chafe and cause you issue. If you haven’t already done this one, do it preventatively.

MVS Forum Member rpm4565 added:

Just had the identical experience with zip tie solution to severe engine jerking. With exception that shop #1 could never diagnose problem after one week and dealer took a second week before discovering this old service bulletin. $2 charge for zip ties and 3 hours labor charge. Sounds like a commercial for Alldata.
Solution also included adding hose insulation to the wiring to replace deteriorated wiring insulation and to increase separation of electrical signals. Mechanic also suggested that other wiring insulations were disintegrating and I should rewrap them myself to avoid future problems.

Jerking w a Flashing Check Engine?

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I have a 2001 Volo S80, that’s been jerking with a flashing check engine light as well. Also, when idle it makes a noise like I’m pressing on the accelerator. Then when I pull off it goes really fast then slowdown to normal speed. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

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