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Volvo Radio With Kenwood Changer?

volvo kenwood changer

Which cd changer will work with my volvo?

As an accessory, Volvo makes it possible to upgrade from the factoryfitted CD player to a CD changer with room for up to six CDs, provided that the car is factoryfitted with either Premium Sound or High Performance audio system.

MVS Forum Member bugeye58 asks:

I’ve got a chance to pick up either a Kenwood KDC-C504 10 disc changer, or a KDC-C 660 six disc. (Free). Anybody know whether these are compatible with my SC811 head? Adapters, etc??

MVS Forum Member JRL replied:

Not easily and you won’t be able to use the radio switching button.
I may be wrong here so if someone who actually has made an aftermarket CD changer work, let us know

MVS Forum Member kelvin6 added:

Unfortunatly, it will not be able to interface directly to the SC-811. The SC-811 is designed and built by alpine electronics and uses their M-Bus communications protocol for their CD Changers (and the Volvo one). The only way you can use your Kenwood CD Changer is to buy a RF modulator/controller to use with it. This won’t be the highest sound quality, but it will modulate the signal to play through the FM radio.

MVS Forum Member bugeye58 says:

Thanks. I appreciate the information. I guess I’ll just get the compatible Alpine changer.
The price was right on the Kenwoods, though! 😆

MVS Forum Member bugeye58 added:

From things I’ve read, both here and other places, the Volvo OEM changer doesn’t have the greatest of reliability records. So, I’ll probably look for the ALpine unit, or an OEM changer, whichever pops up first.
Thanks again for the input.

MVS Forum Member jas16 asks:

hey guys, just wanted to ask if anybody knows why my cd’s won’t work in the cd player…not sure what model, but its the one with the in-dash 3cd player stereo. these cd’s are ones that i burn myself using Realplayer software (standard) and are in Audio format. the cd’s themselves are CD-R discs. This is with both cheap and expensive discs and even Audio discs. I never had this problem with a previous set of discs that i used, just the new ones. And i have replaced the whole set of blank cdr discs twice and still get the same problem. I have used a simple cd lens cleaner, but it doesnn’t seem to make no difference. PLease help

Thanks in advance for your help


Volvo Radio Work With Kenwood Changer?

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