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FCP’s New(ish) Policy on Lifetime Parts

There's a tendency to overthink FCP's parts guarantee policy. I don't think I've ever read a thread here that mentions this without a word on labor.

fcp lifetime parts

Almost four years ago I wrote a post on FCP Euro’s policy of parts lifetime warranty, which was new at the time. It was a surprise in the Volvo (and others) DIY world: return a product any number of years later when it’s worn out for a new replacement. Or return it because you don’t like it. Whatever.

The catch (this was coming) was of course that FCP Euro wasn’t going to drive to your house to swap the old part with the new part. The labor was your responsibility, whether you did it or paid a shop to do it.

My thought is it’s better to have the option of returning a part than not. Right?

Another catch was that four years ago you had to register the install with an ASE certified tech (and it didn’t cover wear and tear items).

So consider this an update of FCP Euro’s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Now, there aren’t any ASE certified tech requirements, and it covers brake pads, rotors, oil, filters, wipers, etc.

Then: ASE tech required, no consumables covered

Now: No ASE, everything is covered… including consumables, performance and reman products

Yes, it’s real!

All products you buy from FCP Euro are guaranteed for life for your ownership of the vehicle. This lifetime replacement guarantee includes consumables and wear and tear items like brake pads, gaskets, rotors, filters, wiper blades, and even oil – YES, oil!

This covers every single part we sell for as long as you own your car. Return anything purchased from us at any time. No fine print, no restrictions, no time limit. Buy it once, use it, abuse it, wear it out, then send it back for a free replacement. Even the free replacement part is warrantied for life.

For the past 5 years, we’ve ensured you order a part once and never pay for it again.

Perhaps it triggered Volvo’s very similar lifetime parts program. Whatever the case, as an auto parts consumer, it’s good for me, labor controversy or no. It represents competition in the parts marketplace, and competition drives prices lower.

There’s a tendency to overthink this policy. I don’t think I’ve ever read a thread here that mentions this without a word on labor. My thought is it’s better to have the option of returning a part than not. Don’t overthink it.

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