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FCP has a New Parts Return Policy

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FCP has a new parts return policy: “Guaranteed to fit, guaranteed for life”. From it:

What happens if I ordered the wrong part?
Mistakes happen, so we’ll cover shipping both ways. Just give our support team a call so we can get the return underway and more importantly make sure we get you the right part.

What happens if my part fails in 10 years?
If the part did not meet your expectations send it back and we will refund you or send you a replacement. You can also order a replacement and send your original part to us afterwards, we’ll then credit you the cost of your new replacement.

How is it different? Unleashing my journalism skills, I asked FCP CEO Scott Drozd via email. His response:

1. If it was a customer’s mistake, FCP would never pick up shipping. Now FCP will help the customer regardless.

2. We were really enforcing a 1 year warranty, and anything beyond that we weren’t covering. This basically says if you are unhappy at any time in the lifespan of your product, we will take care of it no questions asked.

This is very good for us Volvo owners. My take is this: like any business, as time goes on, they know more about what they sell. They drop products that are problematic, and choose to keep parts that fit and last. Besides the obvious covered shipping if you have to send a part back, reading between the lines tells us FCP carries more products that just work, more often than ever before.

FCP parts return policy


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