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Foamy Power Steering Fluid — and Groaning Sound — 2001 V70 T5

What to do if Your Volvo has Foamy Power Steering Fluid

Foamy PS fluid in the reservior? Groaning sound on turns? Here’s how to go about understanding what’s wrong.

2001 V70 T5 owner billshoff »

The power steering on my ’01 V70 T5 (101k miles) groans when I turn the steering wheel sharply. We checked the fluid and it was foamy and under a lot of pressure. My independent Volvo repair shop thinks I need a new steering rack but I don’t understand how he can accurately make that diagnosis just from foaming fluid? The steering isn’t stiff and I don’t see any fluid leaks. We’re talking $1400 for a new rack and pinion install so I want to be sure he’s right before I proceed. Any ideas?

MVS Moderator JDS60R »

If the level is correct ,foaming fluid is a sign of an air leak where the line attaches from the resivour to the pump ,the pump itself ,or anywhere a connection is made where the fluid flows by . In order for it to foam it must pull air in (fluid moving fast by a small air leak). The whole sysem can be checked for air leaks by pressure testing the system -much like a radiator.

If the level is not correct just top it up. Keep in mind the froth in the fluid now is displacing some of the area where fluid should be so filling the reservior while it is running to help purge the bubbles is a good idea.

Foamy power steering fluid – 2001 V70 T5

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