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The next step would be to make up a solution of bleach and water, soak a rag in it clean the entire area and swipe down as far as you can go, let dry repeat. Let it totally dry out and spray with “Fridgee Fresh” or the equivalent, to rid the area of mold and mildew. Then replace or install a cabin air filter.

Cabin Air Filter -

 1997volvo850  writes:

I’ve read in several threads that a cabin filter helps prevent the evaporator from self-destructing due to debris getting stuck in it and causing it to rust out. I’ve also read that some 850 don’t have it, and some do.

Did Volvo start adding the cabin filter during a particular year? I’ll be able to check for sure when I replace my blower motor. It’s down there on my TODO list so I thought I’d query the group. 

I have a 1997 Volvo 850 GLT.

 jblackburn says:
“SUPPOSEDLY all the S/V70’s have them as it was made STANDARD in the 98 model year, but mine does not. I don’t know if it was taken out or what by the P.O. (I wouldn’t think so), but there just wasn’t one there. 

I put in the charcoal one after I was getting annoyed at the smells coming through the vents (which I later discovered was a clogged PCV) and it helped with outside smells a lot.

I’m not sure what the deciding factor was for the 850’s or if it was just an extra option when the car was bought, or don’t know if anyone really knows that information. 

About 10 people have reported that their 850’s did/did not have one – I have removed those posts to clean up this discussion a little bit. Apparently there is no correlation between the year and/or the model and having a cabin air filter pre-installed or not.

Installing 850 Cabin Air Filter

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