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Free Volvo Parts

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MVS has a money pool / supporting program to get free Volvo parts to those in financial distress.

Read the Financial Distress Parts Program forum topic for the genesis and discussion on where it is now and how it evolved.

I think it’s an important thing in this time of mass layoffs, medical bills, and families with little or no income. The idea was born recently in discussions with the MVS Moderator crew on how to divvy up the 2020 moderator donations.

They have generously opted to donate a huge portion of these proceeds to this pool to help other Volvo owners.

Read the MVS forum topic

Who it’s for

It’s for those in financial distress caused by the effects of COVID-19. Can’t afford a Volvo part? We’ll ship it to you free.

How it works – financially

I’ll open a donation page in the coming days for you to donate if you choose to. I’ll manage it, and in many respects it will work just like MVS Moderator donation drives.

The amounts donated and running total will be transparent and I will post them here in the forum.

The money will be used to buy parts, whole parts cars, and shipping.

How it works – supply side

In order to maximize the benefit/dollar, the funds will be used primarily to buy parts cars, and those will be harvested for parts. Those parts will be sent to those in need of them.

How it works – demand side

MVS members who need a part will qualify if they’ve been a member for 1 month or more. You will be anonymous except to me and the MVS member who sends you the part(s). You don’t have to stay anonymous… that’s up to you.

Parts nodes

We need “nodes” who have the time/space to keep a parts car, or the willingness to go to a pick n pull to get a certain part, or the willingness to donate a part you already have. Also, you will need to send said part(s) to people. I’ll email you the part, name and address, you harvest the part and send it, then confirm with me you’ve done this.

The parts fund will cover your costs… parts car, pick-n-pull fee, postage.

I will never overload you. I’ll ask if you have time, and if you do, I’ll give you a job. If not, no worries.

So far

So far we have roughly a half-dozen parts cars, hundreds of dollars in the fund, and many others willing to donate parts they have.

What can you do?

  • Get the word out. Share this.
  • Donate (I’ll have the donate page up soon).
  • Be a node for harvesting/distribution.
  • Offer your suggestions in this thread.

Program Notes

This is how I think it will work. Like anything, it will probably need adjusting along the way. Parts cars may not be the answer. Maybe that’s asking too much. It’s hard to say at this time.

The minimum 1 month MVS membership requirement I might reduce or waive once we get rolling. Currently, it’s a protection against scammers.


I’d like to thank MVS Moderators Abscate and Songzunhuang for their amazing generosity and heart. It’s a great thing to work with people like you.

Financial Distress Parts PROGRAM

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